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Weekend tactic #3

The weekend is here and it means new diagram for you to be solved! White to move and draw:

Ruy Lopez with 6.Qe2 and Marshall-like antidote

Sometimes we meet rare variants on boards. Like in the case of Ruy Lopez 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 Be7 and now 6.Qe2 instead of usual Re1. What is the idea behind the white’s move and should black afraid of it? Or does black even have any weapon? The move 6.Qe2 [...]

Where to play chess online – part II. FICS ( (also known as Free Internet Chess Server – FICS) was the first place, where I started to play chess online seriously. Before that time I played on some servers, but gave me the real feeling of educated chess community for the very first time. At these days FICS has more than 300000 registered [...]

XIX La Pobla de Lillet – results

A few days ago (actually it was the second post on this blog) I reffered to the chess tournamtent in Spanish city La Pobla de Lillet. The tournament has passed and it is time to publish its winners and congratulate them. 7.5 of 9. This is the score which was needed to take (or better [...]

50% summer sale of chess books

One of my favorite online chess shops New In Chess is just running 50% sale on chess books. You can chose from 23 publications like Lasker’s Manual of Chess, The Complete Book of Chess Strategy, Tal – Botvinnik 1960, New In Chess 2006 Complete among others. The sale will end up August 23th, 2009.

Weekend tactic #2

The second weekend tactic is here! This time it should not be too difficult, but you will see. Anyway, you have two weeks to write your solutions in the comments section below the article. After two weeks the right moves will be revealed. And now it is time for the diagram. White to move:

Noiseless explosion on e3 made by Alekhine

This is very useful and original pattern to know. It is from the game Reti – Alekhine, played in Baden-Baden tournament in 1925. While built up a fortress of pawns e2, f2, g3, and h2 to protect his king (favourite Reti’s position) and hoped to survive. But black was able to find very nice tactical [...]

Decline of the Spanish boot

Today I would like to show you one of my games from the last team competition I played. It was not successful neither for my team nor myself. I was able to keep up with stronger opponents, but I lost points with weaker ones even when I built good and promising position. The game, which [...]

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