Where to play chess online – part I. My Chess on Facebook

Facebook - My ChessDo you have your profile on Facebook? The #1 social site of these days? If not then you should have it. It is not only good place to share information, news, photos, links etc. with your friends, but also a good place to play chess. Don’t you believe? Then check the application called My Chess!

My Chess allows you to play an individual games with your friends, but it also allows to attend in tournaments and even to create your own tournament. The tournament could be open for everyone or only for your friends. Another parameters of tournaments are:

  • tournament mode (single round robin, double round robin)
  • thinking time
  • required rating level
  • min. reliability of players (very good parameter if you want only players who finish the tournament!)
  • games are rated or not
  • opening theme (yes, you can create thematic tournaments for the variants you like or you want to train)

As you see games could be rated. The rating is counted after finishing each game according the ELO rating system formulas.

There is also an rating list of players available on My Chess. The best player at the moment is Jose Maria Lasso Frias (Spain) with rating 2121.

If you are on Facebook and love chess, I would recommend you My Chess application. It is for free, you will enjoy a lot of chess battles and improve your chess skills. And you can find new friends through it as well.

BTW: If you want to challenge me, you can do it through this link: http://apps.facebook.com/mychess/invitations.php?challenge=627011561. I will be happy to accept your challenge, but I usually play 25 online games at maximum (when playing more than 25 games, then the quality of my play is going down), so don’t be disappointed if I would not start the game with you.

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