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FICS Games Database

This will be a short post, but I have to share it with you. I just found the fantastic page, where your FICS (Free Internet Chess Site AKA are stored. You can save them or re-play them. You can also search for games by players, ratings, variants, ECO code of the opening, date. [...]

Weekend tactics #6

Black is already better, but will you find the ultimate stroke? Black to move:

Ruy Lopez with 6.Qe2 and Marshall-like antidote – part II

A few weeks ago I wrote here about Ruy Lopez with 6.Qe2 and Marshall-like antidote line. At the end of the article I mentioned the thematic tournament of chess engines in this variant. I have “organized” and I would like to share its results and games played in the tournament with you now. I hope [...]

Weekend tactic #5

Would you find the best way for the white to win the game? White to move:

Great for a while, bad later and draw in the end – my latest game

Yesterday I played the first round of the tournament in our club. We will play one round per week, so this tournament will end up in the middle of December as we are a group of 14 players. It will not be an easy tournament for me as the opponents are quite strong and my [...]

How to play in oppontent’s time pressure

Time pressure. Every chess player knows it, some of us even live with it. Having 2 minutes for 15 moves before time check is something like sign of such players. Everyone knows that preventing time pressures and better time management is good for the quality of one’s play. But sometimes we meet an opponent who [...]

Weekend tactics #4

White is a piece down but attacking. Will it be successful attack? White to move.

Chess Training Pocket Book II – Lev Alburt, Al Lawrence

I have decided to share good chess books, which help me, with you. The first one is “Chess Training Pocket Book II” of the authors Lev Alburt and Al Lawrence. This book is focused on improvement one’s calculation skills and spotting tactic. It brins 320 training positions from different stages of chess games. So you [...]

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