Chess Training Pocket Book II – Lev Alburt, Al Lawrence

Chess Training Pocket Book III have decided to share good chess books, which help me, with you. The first one is “Chess Training Pocket Book II” of the authors Lev Alburt and Al Lawrence.

This book is focused on improvement one’s calculation skills and spotting tactic. It brins 320 training positions from different stages of chess games. So you can solve puzzles from complicated middlegames, but on the other side, the book contains also simple positions from chess endings.

The base of the book is development of chess thinking and also chess knowledge. By solving the tactic puzzles from the book, the reader will learn typical patterns and collect them in his memory. All the diagrams are instructive and based on real games.

“Chess Training Pocket Book II” contains also a kind of short manual “How to think”, which is very instructive and many players will find it very useful.

The readers of this book should not be absolute novices in chess. There is needed to have some chess background and some knowledge to study the book successfuly. So I would tell that average club players and the beter ones up to ELO 2000 could profit the most from this book.

It is something what is worthy of attention. I can recommend the book, at the moment it is my best friend when I am traveling to my office by train each day.

Chess Training Pocket Book II
How to Spot Tactics & How Far Ahead to Calculate
by Lev Alburt, Al Lawrence
Publisher: CIRC, 2008
Edition: Paperback small
Pages: 208
Language: English

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