Great for a while, bad later and draw in the end – my latest game

Yesterday I played the first round of the tournament in our club. We will play one round per week, so this tournament will end up in the middle of December as we are a group of 14 players.

It will not be an easy tournament for me as the opponents are quite strong and my start rank is #10. But I like tournaments like this because it gives me the opportunity to play with a bit stronger players and learn something from them.

The first game was quite interesting (maybe “dramatic for the players” is the more suitable collocation), but full of mistakes. At first I acquired an advantage, but then I lost it and even was afraiding about the game. Happily I found a good way to exchanges of pieces and to the draw ending.

Here is a fragment from the game. Would you find black’s move after 12.Qd2?

Hopefully, the quality of my game will be higher in next games.


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