chess_clockIf you follow me on Twitter you may remember I attented the first blitz tournament of new season on Friday. I have to admit it could be my first blitz tournament ever as I don’t remember if (and when) I have attended blitz tournament before. But I was looking forward to this tournament also because of the fact it was first occasion to play competetive chess after more than one month.

It was quite strong tournament. The average ELO of the best 10 players was 2091, my ELO is 1718 and my start rank was #15. At first four rounds I gathered one point, when I lost one game on time and another one in time pressure. This resulted in ‘bye’ in the round #5.

Second half of the tournament went better for me.In the round #6 I won quite easy game, then I lost another one against a fellow from my club. The penultimate round brought the best game for me – I am going to show it to you below. And the last game – I overlooked mate in two in much better position and I lost the game.

If I would have won the last game I would have finished on very nice 8th place. But any “if” is not counted. The last lost game resulted in my 13th place of 21 with 4 points from 9 rounds.

From the point of view how strong the tournament was, it is nice place. On the other side, I wanted to grab half point more. So I rate this tournament as an average one for me.

And now is the place for the game mentioned above. I had black pieces and I decided to play for win desperately. Here is the critical position of the game and black is to move. Would you find his move?

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