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72% chess players are focused on study of openings

In the first poll, which have been running here on, I have asked readers this question: “Which part of the chess game do you study mostly?”. The results are not surprising – majority of chess players seem to study the opening phase mainly. 72% of readers have voted for the opening phase. 14% have [...]

Almost miracle in the ending of my last game

Last week I played another game in the tournament organized by my local chess club. In that round I played against the strongest player of the tournament. At the beginning of the game I felt like “I would be happy for one half of a point” and the game looked like that. It was in [...]

Weekend tactic #10

Black has an advantage, it is clear. The move, which leads to the win, is 1…. Bc5+. But there is one which is even stronger. Would you find it? Black to move:

Pre-order “Diary of a Chess Queen” book and get an autograph of its author Alexandra Kosteniuk

If you like the games of women’s world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk, you should not miss her new book called “Diary of a Chess Queen”. The game described Alexandra’s way to the top and it is full of her games. The book will be released on December 1st, 2009, but if you order it now [...]

Weekend tactic #9

White is to move. How would you proceed to win?

My game from the 4th round of the club tournament

Last week I played 4th round of my club tournament. The opponent was known to me, we played very nice game in the previous tournament together. I won that game, so I expected his effort for revenge now. So I was prepared for battle again. The opponent surprised me a bit by his first move [...]

Weekend tactic #8

The situation on the diagram is clear. White is attacking on the king’s side, black on the opposite one. But white is faster. Would you find the best white’s move now?

IECG Cup 2009 started and I participate!

Last week started IECG Cup 2009. I take a part in this event as each year. Together with another almost 600 players! The Cup is divided into several stages, preliminary groups can take 13 months of play. Then there are further stages and after approximately 6 years the winner is known. Quite long period, right? [...]

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