IECG Cup 2009 started and I participate!

IECG logoLast week started IECG Cup 2009. I take a part in this event as each year. Together with another almost 600 players!

The Cup is divided into several stages, preliminary groups can take 13 months of play. Then there are further stages and after approximately 6 years the winner is known. Quite long period, right? But it the base of email/correspondence chess. It takes ages to win something.

I am the weakest player in my group by far, so I don’t expect any great result. It is the same each year. I will try to learn something from the stronger players and try some new openings, which I would like to add to my usual repertoire. I think it is a good opportunity to test them as I cannot lose anything in this tournament.

When I am writing this posts, I just realized you don’t probably know the IECG server. I will intriduce it soon as another place, where to play chess online. Stay tuned!

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