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Chess goals for 2010

There is a few bloggers around (like Stratedy Fiend or DeepGreen) who has published their chess goals for the next year. I am going to play ape and here are my chess goals for 2010. The most important one is to train chess regularly. Now I am in a stage when I train chess only [...]

Weekend tactic #14

White to move.

Weekend tactic #13

White to move

Can white win this pawn ending?

White to move.

How would you evaluate the position from my last game?

Last few days I was pretty busy at my work and also with another project, which I run, so I did not have too much time to play chess. The only game, which I played, was the ninth round of our club tournament. My opponent was a bit weaker (about 40 ELO points less than [...]

Congratulations! Chess club and scholastic center of Saint Louis adds GM-in-residence!

This press release arrived to my mailbox yesterday and I have decided to publish it here. It shows a great success of the people of the chess club and scholastic center of Saint Louis, because this non-profit organisation has hired a GM to learn chess. Here is the text of the press release. The Chess [...]

Chess links week roundup #45/2009

As you – readers of this blog – know, one of a weekend days is dedicated to regular weekend tactic puzzle. Usually it is Saturday. But as weekend consists of two free days for most of us, I was thinking about publishing a more or less regular post also on Sunday. And as a theme [...]

Weekend tactic #12

The last black’s move was 24…. Nxd5 taking knight there. How would you proceed as a white? White to move:

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