Chess goals for 2010

chess_20091130There is a few bloggers around (like Stratedy Fiend or DeepGreen) who has published their chess goals for the next year. I am going to play ape and here are my chess goals for 2010.

The most important one is to train chess regularly. Now I am in a stage when I train chess only if a) I have a free time (hard to find when you have a family, job and try to start your own business) and b) I overcome my laziness. Which is really not good. I will find some fix time, which will be dedicated to chess only. There is no chance to improve my game significantly without a serious training.

One thing is connected to chess training. It is a training log. Until now I don’t have any. But as a sub-goal I have a task to create and keep my training log.

Improve my endings. Was not said a lot about the importance of this stage of a chess game? Remember about it next time when you blunder in ending after 4 hours battle…

Finishing extending my opening repertoire. It is important to be able to play more than one-two openings. Firstly, you will learn new schemes and you will be able to understand chess better and secondly, the opponents will have harder task to prepare themselves for a game with you.

Play an official tournament where one game will be played each day. I have never attended such a tournament, all “my” tournaments so far were about one games weekly or so. I believe playing one game per day 9 days in a row is a complete different experience and I want to try it.

And regarding my ELO rating. No matter of what my rating will be in January 2010, I would  like to add another 50 points during the next year.

As the last goal I have something secret at the moment. But you, readers of my blog, will reveal it as soon as I complete it ;)

OK, these are my goals. Do you have your own chess goals for 2010?

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8 Responses to “Chess goals for 2010”

  1. admin says:

    farbror: Yes, I see them on your blog! BTW: Nice blog, I have added it in my blogroll in the right column.

  2. farbror says:

    Thank you! That’s Nice!

  3. chessx says:

    Well said, i fall into group a but suffer from b.

  4. Solid point about the endings! Good goals!

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  6. himalayanknight says:

    Nice goals.

    We have same end goals. But sometimes with life etc. intervening the goals
    begin to take a backseat. I have to recommit myself.
    Good luck

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