How would you evaluate the position from my last game?

Last few days I was pretty busy at my work and also with another project, which I run, so I did not have too much time to play chess. The only game, which I played, was the ninth round of our club tournament. My opponent was a bit weaker (about 40 ELO points less than me), but tough old man. I like him because of his stubbornness, although it is very hard to play against him.

And the course of our games was exactly like that. Very very touhg game. At the beginning I gained an advantage in development of pieces, but as the position was closed and I was not able to find the right way how to open it, the opponent equalized.

Then I got an exchange, but it was a double-edged profit. Opponent’s bishop pair became very active and he created a passed b-pawn. I was able to exchange one his bishop and to fix another one to guard the pawn. And still having an extra exchange I was looking for winning the game.

At the position below my opponent’s flag fell down. Although he told me after the game that it should be a draw, I think that white can daringly hope for a win. What is your opinion? How would you evaluate the final position? BTW: Black to move.


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