Xmas blitz tournament

Chess setLast Sunday my chess club organized Xmas blitz tournament and I thought it was a good idea to close my chess year by attending this event.

The time limit was 2×10 moves, 11 round. There were 52 players attending the tournament and my starting rank was 31. It was more or less funny tournament for me, I wanted to test some variants during it, so I didn’t want to be to pushy regarding my result. But still – I always want to be better then my starting rank at the end of any tournament.

In the first round (opponent’s ELO 2158) I blundered badly after some incident in the tournament room, which I was listening to instead of thinking about my moves.

2nd round. I played against one of the weakest players in the tournament (ELO 1321) and I created better position in the game. My opponent had a worse time and finally he lost the game because of fallen flag.

3rd round. Another strong opponent (ELO 2040) and one of strangers in the tournament. I was a quite better against him, grabbed a pawn, but I lost it later. We agreed on a draw both having few seconds on clocks.

4th round. One of known opponents, we play a lot of tournaments together (ELO 1846). He has active score with me and also this game finished better for him. I lost a piece and resigned then.

5th round. This was probably my best game in the tournament. My opponent (ELO 1447) played a variant, which I studied a lot. So I knew what is unpleasant and I played it. I gained huge positional advantage in the middle game and I won the game after all.

6th round. I met this opponent after a few years (ELO 1929). I won our game after nice sacriface a few years ago (the game was very important at that time as we both went to win a tournament) and I thought I could have some chances again. And indeed! My opponent lost a piece, but I was very bad on time. So we agreed on a draw and I must say it was very nice of my opponent, because he could easily won because of my bad time.

7th round. Again one of the old and known opponents (ELO 1553). Our last game he opened 1.b4 and won. Guess what? He did it again! But this time I managed the game better and one point went to my pocket.

8th round. I am back on the top 10 tables. But was terrible defeated. I lost my queen almost in the opening phase, so I resigned against my opponent (ELO 2022).

9th round. It was a quite easy game, my opponent (ELO 1418) fell in known trap (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Qb6 6.Bd3 cxd4 7.cxd4 Nxd4 8.Nxd4 Qxd4 9.Bb5+).

10th round. We are going to the final. My opponent had ELO 2015 and he won instead I was a pawn up during the game. But then my position went worse and also my time was bad. I lost the game.

11th and the final round. My team-mate (ELO 1807) was my last opponent in the tournament. I wanted to play something romantic so I chose King’s gambit. My opponent mixed several variants and play it very passively. So I gained nice attacking position and decided the game very quickly.

I grabbed 6 points out of 11 rounds which meant 19th place for me. Very nice place, which I did’t hope for before the tournament! I can call it “a success”, I think. I was even #3 of my club as there were a lot of players from many different chess clubs. My performance was 1822 (my ELO is 1735).

This Xmas blitz tournament was my last tournament of this year. Was it a good chess year for me or not? I am going to summarize my chess year in a few days in a special post.

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