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Weekend tactic #21

White to move.

Team competition: 1st round = 1st win

This Monday our team competition started. I was 6 weeks without competetive chess, so I was looking forward to play again. If you take into consideration that I really enjoyed live streams from the Corus tournament then you can’t imagine how ‘horny’ I was to play chess ;) Our opponent in the 1st round was [...]

Weekend tactic #20

Black to move.

Weekend tactic #19

White to move.

Become a fan of on Facebook!

As you may know, has a fan page on the most popular social network – Facebook. Join the small communicity there and you will learn about everything important connected to also on Facebook. The URL of the fan page is

Weekend tactic #18

Black to move.

What chess books I am going to study in Q1/2010

In my previous post Chess goals for 2010 I mentioned the most important directions which I would like to go to improve my chess this year. To achieve an improvement it is necessary to study chess games and/or books. As probably many of you, I have quite good chess library, but I have not go [...]

More on how to study and improve in chess by Purdy

A few days ago I wrote about two books I received from The Prodigal Pawn and I mentioned that a method od C. J. S. Purdy grabbed my attention. Simultaneously I promised to write about the method later. So what is the base of the method? All of know that playing games of chess masters [...]

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