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Team competition summary plus a diagram to think about

If you look at the history of this blog you will see that there were not too much new posts within last few weeks. Yes, I placed a few tactic diagrams and some little amount of posts, but my old plans were different. I wanted to write more for this blog. As many of you [...]

Vasily Smyslov died last night

I just learnt that the world chess champion Vasily Smyslov died during the night from Friday to Saturday in Moscow. He was 89 years old. The cause of his death were cardio-vascular problems. Vassily Smyslov was the 7th world chess champion (1957-1958). He was born in Moscow March 24, 1921. He was known for his [...]

Weekend tactic #25

White to move and win. Will you find the right way?

Weekend tactic #24

White to move.

New poll: Would you be also interested in posts covering current news and games from the top chess world?

Although most of us will probably not become grandmaster, we watch their matches and tournaments as they are (or they are supposed to be) inspiration for us and also a source of new ideas and knowledge. I do not cover them on this blog too much now and I would like to know your opinion. [...]

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