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World Chess Championship Match: Draw in the game #5. Anand – Topalov 3:2

The program of the World Chess Championship Match was the game #5 today. Until the black’s 15th move both players copied the third game of the match. Anand was the first one who deviated from the mentioned game. He and his team prepared a novelty 15…. h5. It was very complicated strategic battle, where both [...]

Nakamura to relocate to Saint Louis

SAINT LOUIS, April 27, 2010–Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, the reigning U.S. Champion and the highest-rated American player, announced today he will be moving to Saint Louis following the U.S. Championship, which is scheduled for May 13-25. The two-time U.S. Champion is relocating to Saint Louis from Seattle because of the support the Chess Club and Scholastic [...]

9 Queens bring chess and art to Tuscon on Saturday

Celebrate the inextricable relationship between chess and art with 9 Queens! On May 1, 9 Queens will partner with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson and the Downtown Tucson Partnership to present the Dia De Los Ninos 9 Queens and Kings Chess Tournament. This free chess tournament is part of range of family friendly [...]

World Chess Championship Match: Anand won game #4. Anand – Topalov 2,5:1,5

Just a few minutes ago the game #4 finished in Sofia. The current world champion Vishy Anand won it and takes lead in the match 2,5:1,5. Here is the game: [Event "Sofia BUL, WCC 2010 game_4"] [Site "Sofia BUL"] [Date "2010.04.28"] [Round "4"] [White "Anand, V."] [Black "Topalov, V."] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "E04"] [WhiteElo "2787"] [...]

World Chess Championship Match: Draw in the game #3

Yesterday we say the first draw in the match between Anand and Topalov. Anand had black pieces and he chose the Slav instead of Grunfeld which was played in the first game. Anand equalized the game and peace was signed later. Today the match continues with the game #4. [Event "Sofia BUL, WCC 2010 game_3"] [...]

My last game – I was lucky

Last week I played the third round of tournament in my chess club. My opponent was an old men. We played about ten games together and all of them were draw. It is interesting serie, right? ;) This time I wanted to break our tradition and I wanted to win, of course. My opponent surprised [...]

World Chess Championship Match: Anand strikes back in the game #2

The World Chess Championship match continued with its second games yesterday. All chess fans were curious whether and how Anand manage the game after being smashed in the first game on Saturday. And he managed very well! Catalan opening was played, Anand sacrified a pawn for some pressure. Topalov had to play patiently, but it [...]

How to use improve your calculation skill by training pawn endings – part II

A week ago I posted an article about an importance of pawn endings in improvement of calculation skill of a chess player. And today I have something like continuation of the “serie” with new example. Would you find the right way to win the games as white? White to move.

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