And the winner of German chess Bundesliga is… OSG Baden-Baden!

Chess Bundesliga logoThis morning was dedicated to the final round of German team championship which is known as Bundesliga. The chess Bundesliga is very attractive to many good players, including Anand himself. It has two reasons – money (of course) and the chance to play with other strong players (which is based on money, again).

The Bundesliga had three very strong teams this year. OSG Baden-Baden, Werder Bremen and SG Solingen and all three of them were in fight for the title of champions until this weekend.

The penultimate round was played on Saturday. And the most watched match was between Werder Bremen and SG Solingen. Bremen won 5,5:2,5 and it meant that the rank before the final round was 1. OSG Baden-Baden 26 points, 2. Werder Bremen 25 points, 3. SG Solingen 24 points. BTW: Win in the match means 2 points for a winner, draw is 1 point for both teams and lost is clearly 0 points for a loser.

In the last round OSG Baden-Baden defeated average SF Katenberg (just a few minutes ago!) and it guaranteed the title of German team champions for them!

The winner of the chess Bundesliga has very strong team, so their win is not surprising. Just look at the list:
1. Anand
2. Carlsen
3. Svidler
4. Shirov
5. Bacrot
6. Movsesian
7. Adams
8. Naiditsch
And some of the substitutes:
9. Valejo Pons
10. Nielsen
11. Nisipeaunu
12. Caruana

Although Anand played only two games (1,5/2) and Carlsen none, Baden-Baden had enough strong team to managed it. Congratulations!

I picked our three games from the penultimate round for you. The first two are very nice – whites showed there increasing pressure during the whole game, which resulted in their win. The last game is also nice attacking game – unusually in King’s Indian it was white who attacked. I hope you will enjoy the games!

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