How to use improve your calculation skill by training pawn endings

Pawn endings are very useful when it comes on the calculation of variants. As there are only pawns and kings on the board, one can easily “see” the long sentences of moves and possible continuations. This is why pawn endings are ussually recommended by chess trainers to train to improve one’s calculation skill.

Here is a very special pawn ending:
Pawn ending

Why is it so special? Because, if white is to move, then white wins. And when black is to move, then black wins. Will you find the right continuations?

I would give you a clue. Tempi are VERY important in pawn endings. You have to think twice about each move of a pawn and (usually) be very careful about double-steps of pawns (like e2-e4 for example).

Do you use pawn endings for training of anything else than technique in pawn endings?

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