My last game – I was lucky

Last week I played the third round of tournament in my chess club. My opponent was an old men. We played about ten games together and all of them were draw. It is interesting serie, right? ;) This time I wanted to break our tradition and I wanted to win, of course.

My opponent surprised my with his first move 1.f4. I answered in standard way, but I lost the way later and I was not able to find the right plan for my pieces. I had a feeling my position is bad after white’s 11th move and I decided to open the position and find some space for my pieces. And maybe even some counterplay.

Unfortunately I made huge mistake in my 12th and 15th moves and my position colapsed. The opponent sacrificed an exchange and ruined the pawn shield in front of my king. I saw no chance for me but I still wanted to play a few more moves.

And guess, what happened! My opponent started to repeat moves, checked my king by his knight and finally he offered a draw. No wonder I accepted it immediately.

I know I wanted to break our draw tradition but each of you would do it in the final position (BTW: Fritz gives something like +2.9 for white).

So I lost one half of point in the first round, now I got it back. After three rounds I have 1 point and I am satisfied with it. I must improve my play in next games.

And here is the game I wrote about.

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