My lost game – each and every move must be calculated!

Last week I played first round of new tournament in our club. The tournament is called “Spring tournament” and we play one game per week until the end of June. 13 games in total.

It will not be an easy tournament (do you know any which is easy? ;)) – all players are on pretty same level of +- 50 ELO points. So everyone can beat everyone.

In my first game I faced to a tough opponent who plays his games until only kings remain on the board. I played two games with him before and our score was 1:1. This games was about who become the leader in our match ;)

I had black pieces and I don’t think I opened the game well. I was under certain pressure from the beginning. But later I found some space for my pieces and after the exchange on d7 in the move #28 I thought the draw is close.

Guess, what happened!

After 29.Nf6+ I just did not calculate any opponent’s moves and played automatically 29…. Kg7 because it looks like better place for my king. And I overlooked the decisive fork…

The lesson from this lose is clear: Always calculate moves even if you feel safely!

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3 Responses to “My lost game – each and every move must be calculated!”

  1. chesstiger says:

    9. bxc4 is better in my eyes since the bishop cannot do anything
    on the a2-g8 diagnal for the moment while its well placed on d3
    helping to defend the e4 square. Also 9. bxc4 makes that white still
    has control over the centre squares.

    29. … Kg7 is an oversight. Probably not the last one you will make
    during your chess career.

  2. admin says:

    chesstiger: I agree that 9.bxc4 is better. Another thing is that white loses a tempi when takes on c4 with the bishop.

    I know, I will probably oversight many moves in the future ;)

  3. Andy Lotta says:

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