Viswanathan Anand Won the Last Game and the World Chess Championship Match!

FIDEWhat a fantastic show we saw in Sofia yesterday! Vishy Anand and Veselin Topalov played great and exciting match with a super-hyped finale!

The score was 5,5:5,5 after 11 games. Which meant that the winner of the last game would take everything – the match and the crown for chess king. I cannot imagine how big pressure both players had to experience.

Topalov had white pieces and he started as usual in this match 1.d4. Anand’s choice of opening system was a small surprise – he played Queen’s Gambit for the first time (and last time) in the match.

The game was balanced and safe for a long time.

Later on black played a bit active move 30…. f5. Unfortunately for Topalov, white’s two next moves were not good and he went under a pressure on the board. White’s position ruined quickly and it was only a matter of time when Topalov resignes. He did it in 56th move. It meant the only one thing – Vishy Anand defended the title of the Chess World Champion!

Congratulations on it!

And thanks both players for fantastic match!

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