World Chess Championship Match after the 7th game: Anand – Topalov 4:3

FIDEToday we saw another fantastic battle on the board placed in Sofia, Bulgaria. The World Champion Anand started the 7th game of the match against Topalov as usually 1.d4 and the Catalan was on the program.

This time Topalov deviated as the first. And it was a bomb! He and his team prepared an exchange sacrifice in the opening. Anand accepted the sacrifice, but Topalov got great game with initiative. He played very fast. On the other side the Indian grandmaster thought about each move long minutes. But he was able to get through all the complications and he was even better at some stage of the game. But he throw it away and the game went in a equal position then.

Almost everyone excepted the draw by perpetual check in the move #32, but Anand wanted to play a few more moves and try his luck. It was very interesting nad fightful endgame. The peace was signed in the move #58.

One of the best games of the match!

The score is 4:3 for Anand now. The match continues tomorrow when Topalov will have white pieces.

The game #7:

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