World Chess Championship Match in its half: Anand – Topalov 3,5:2,5

FIDEThe most important event in the chess world of these days – the World Chess Championship Match between Vishy Anand and Veselin Topalov reached its half. 6 games were played and the score is 3,5:2,5 in favour of the current world champion – Indian grandmaster Vishy Anand.

Yesterday brought us the game #6. We saw another Catalan game. Players played the variant already known from the game #2. Anand deviated as the first – he played 10.Bg5 and got enough compensation for the price of one pawn.

Later in the game we could see a bit funny moment when Anand’s knights were jumping on Topalov’s half of the board and played their own game with black pieces.

After the 40th move the game went into a draw position. But as Topalov does not accept any draw offer, both players played further. Which was quite boring in that position. Lately, they “agreed” on draw by repeating moves in 58th move.

Next game will be played on Monday.

Here is the game:

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