How I Took a Poisoned Pawn and Was Punished For It.

Tonight I will play the last round of the tournament, which I participate this spring. Until now I have 6,5 point of 12 rounds. Nothing special if one takes into consideration I was supposed to be one of favorites of the tournament.

The average ELO was 1715 and my ELO is 1743. It was 2nd-3rd highest in the tournament!

My play, especially at the beginning and then in two rounds in the middle of the tournament, was bad. I lost 0,5 point in the first round. In the third round I happily gained 0,5 point in lost position – see “My last game – I was lucky“.

6th and 7th rounds were a disaster for me! At first I lost a game having 2 rooks (!) advantage and then I lost the game, which I am going to show below. It was shocking for me and at these two rounds I lost all chances to fight for a win in the whole tournament.

Which does not mean I did not want to win all remaining games! But I saw my chances realistically.

Next 5 games were quite good. I made 3,5 points without losing a game. I played quite good chess, if I may write it :) At least, I was satisfied.

As I wrote above, I am going to play the last round tonight. May I ask you for crossing fingers? ;) Thanks, my friends!

And now it is time to share the above mentioned game with you, guys! I played with black pieces. I wanted to surprise my opponent and I tried Dutch. White decided to sacrifice a pawn in his 8th move. I spent some time to think of it and then I grabbed the pawn.

I knew all the risks – white’s g-file will be open, he will be active and I will be convicted to defend my position and my king. But still – a pawn is a pawn, right? ;)

Unfortunately, I did not see 10.Bh6 move (it remained me to work more on my tactics skills) and after that the game has been decided, I would say…

BTW: If you would play white pieces – would you try the sacrifice in the 8th move? Or would you prefer calmer way?

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