How to Gain 200 Rating Points in 6 Months

Christian GlaweAs you probably noticed the blog was without posts for a few weeks (I do not count the weekend tactics “posts” ;)). At first I spent a few days in my bed feeling very bad and then I took a rest for some days. I spent them on my vacation (well deserved vacation, of course :)) and due to all these things I did not update the blog too often.

But now I am back, so you can stay tuned for new updates.

Here is the first one. My friend Christian Glawe sent me short info about his article posted on the site of The United States Chess Federation. The article describes a way how he gained more than 200 ELO points in…. ONLY 6 months! Something we would like to gain as well, right? ;)

Christian started with rating of 1743 points and went to 1944 points (USCF). How exactly he reached it you can read in his article Moving up the Ladder: A Class Player on Gaining 200 Rating Points

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