1st Round of the US Women’s Chess Championship – No Draws

Irina KrushThe US Women’s Chess Championship started yesterday. The first round was very interesting and we experienced really bloody battles. No one of five games finished by draw!

The game I like the most from the first day is the win of Irina Krush. Irina Krush has the highest rating of the tournament and she is definitely among the biggest favorites of the championship. In the game against Beatriz Marinello she had a small advantage after entering end-game. Her pair of bishop was better than opponent’s bishop and knight. How Irina Krush gathered the whole point from the ending is very nice and useful to study!

I hope we will see more games like this one in the next rounds!

The standing after 1st round:
1.-5. Krush, Zatonskih, Abrahamyan, Melekhina, Zenyuk 1.0
6.-10. Baginskaite, Foisor, Rohonyan, Marshall, Marinello 0.0

Here are the games from the 1st round:

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