Small advantage converted into one point

This game is from the spring tournament I played in our chess club. I mention the tournament on the blog several times, but I still have something to share with you :)

I think I have never mentioned we have to play 40 moves in 100 minutes and then we have 30 minutes until the end of game. No time increment as you can see.

Personally I have no experience with time increment in serious tournaments. What I like on our system is that each player knows how many time has for the whole game and he has to keep it somewhere in his mind when he thinks about the moves and plans. It is needless to get won position but having 4 seconds on chess clock to win it.

On the other side – when you have time increment you can win those games. The dark side of having time increment is the fact that when you play under the time increment only you are in the permanent time pressure. And it must be hard to play under that pressure (as I wrote above, I have no experience in playing serious games with time increment). And another minus- you can not go to the toilet! :)

OK, back to the game which I want to show you. It is one of my won games. It was it the 11th round. My opponent was another friend of mine – after several years playing in one club you realize that all your opponents are also your friends :)

I wanted to win the game, so I chose Benkö gambit as black. I was able to place my knight on beautiful square d3 during the game and it was really dominating piece on the board. This knight took a lot of space of white pieces and I think it was the main factor why I realize my small advantage and pressure into the whole point later on.

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