Miss ECC 2010 and Mister ECC 2010

WGM Anna SharevichAs you may know there was played the European Club Cup in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) within the last week. The winner of this event is Russian team Economist-SGSEU-1. Second place was taken by another Russian team Yugra. The bronze medal is going to Ukraine thanks to team A DAN DZO & PGMB – Chernigiv.

The complete results can be found here.

I am not going to write about chess games in this post, but I would like to go to the area of rather gutter press ;) The organizers of the European Club Cup prepared also “competitions” Miss ECC 2010 and Mister ECC 2010. You can vote for the most beautiful and handsome players of that event on the links above.

BTW: This competitions are clear evidence that chess players can be both clever and good looking ;)

Photo: (c) Vladimir Jagr – www.nss.cz

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