Christmas Blitz Tournament 2010

Last Sunday I participated in our club’s Christmas blitz tournament. There were 55 players in the tournament who had to play 11 rounds in tempi 10 minutes per game.

Our club organizes three similar tournaments per year and the most players usually participate in the Christmas.

My starting rank was 30 out of 55 players. The average ELO of the first ten players was 2139, mine is 1761.

I played a tournament after a break which was long almost 6 months! In that time I played only on the Internet, so I missed real over-the-board experience. And it was really visible on my game. The first four rounds I played quite good games, but at some moment I made tactical blunders. Sometimes my opponents hit back tactical blunder, so I had 2.0 points after 4 rounds.

In the middle of tournament my oppontents were as strong as me (according the rating) approximately, so it was really important part of the tournament. And I found a base for my final success here. I scored 3.0 points from these four rounds.

Then the last three rounds came. I played on a table #6 and my opponent was 2000+ player. The game was quite wild, but we finished in peaceful rook ending and it was my first (and last) draw in the tournament. It meant I stayed on prominent tables and my next opponent was another 2000+ player. I lost a pawn, but created some kind of pressure. Unfortunately, I lost another pawn and it was the end. The last round was the wildest :) I was totally lost, so I started to risk everything. And… My opponent made some mistakes and I mate him and the end!

It meant I had 6.5 points after 11 rounds and I finished on 16th place! I am very satisfied with my result! I was the best player under ELO 2000 in the tournament, so I even got a price! ;)

It was the last tournament in which I participated in 2010. I will summarize my whole season in another post. Will you do that as well on your chess blogs (if you have any)?

P.S. Personaly, I like this tournament, but a few things could be better, as usual ;) The main problem of the tournament is that the place where the tournament is hold is in a pub near by our chess club. So many players can buy a beer during the tournament and there is usually one or two “players” who do not know about their beer limits… Do you have similar experience from any small tournament where you participated?

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