First Tournament Has Started!

If you have read this blog for some time, you may know that I play chess on Facebook as well. To be concrete I used the application called My Chess on Facebook. A few days ago I decided to start a chess tournament named according this blog. And this was how the first tournament was born.

I made an announcement about this tournament on my Twitter account. Also other user of My Chess could join the tournament. As a result there are 10 players participating in the tournament.

Here is the starting list:
Mariano DigitalIndustria Venanzi (Argentina)
Helmut Reitz (Germany)
Pancho Rj (Spain)
Kadarrusman Muhammad
Isaias Ayala (Mexico)
Ivan Gallo
Alonso Ándres Vásquez Mella (Chile)
Pierre-Emmanuel Haensler (France)
Mário Filiač (Slovakia)
Petr Slavík (Czech Republic)

We play games with quite usual tempi on My Chess – two moves in five days, so the tournament should finish in 2-3 months approximately.

I will post a running table here from time to time. And don’t worry, I will also post some games from the tournament here ;)

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