The Best Chess Game of November 2010 – Results

The first day of this month the post The Best Chess Game of November 2010 was published here. I wrote there about monthly “competition” where readers of this blog are encourage to send their best chess games of the previous month to fight for the title “The Best Chess Game of a Month”.

As it was historically the first round of this contest, I did not expect too much entries. And indeed. The only entry was mine :) Uhm. It could have one of two reasons:
1. I play the best chess on the planet Earth so it would not make a sense for readers to send their games (it is not the real reason. Probably :))
2. You were too shy to send your games. But you should not! So I hope you will send me your games next month! It is about having fun and sharing our chess experiences, right?

Here is the only entry – my game played on Facebook. I am really sure there are some mistakes from my side, but I like the game. It was sharp and attacking from both sides. What is good is that my attack was faster ;)

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