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Questions About the Right Plan in One of My Games

Last week I played the following game in a team competition. I had white pieces and we played the French opening. After playing several moves we reached the following position (white to play). Here my troubles started. Why? Simply because I was not able to find a good plan how to play further. I had [...] Chess Tournament No.1 – Report #1

First chess tournament started on Facebooka few weeks ago (at beginning of December, 2010). I promised to give you information about its course. So, let’s start! Until today there have been played about 80% of all games. The current standings is here: 1. Petr Slavik (Czech Republic) – 6.5 points of 7 finished games, [...]

I Played 21 Games in 2010

A few days ago I checked my games from the last year and put them into my database. I founded some interesting facts about those games which I would like to share with you now. As the title of this articles says, I played 21 games the last year. I mean serious and tournament games. [...]

I am Looking For Summer Chess Tournament in the Southern Europe

I just plan my tournament schedule for this year and I would like to ask you for your tip or recommendation. I am looking for a tournament in Croatia, Bulgaria or Italy in places next by sea. I would like to go there in the beginning of July or in the end of August. Please, [...]

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