ELO2000.com Chess Tournament No.1 – Report #1

Chess setFirst ELO2000.com chess tournament started on Facebooka few weeks ago (at beginning of December, 2010). I promised to give you information about its course. So, let’s start!

Until today there have been played about 80% of all games.

The current standings is here:
1. Petr Slavik (Czech Republic) – 6.5 points of 7 finished games, SB 21.25
2. Pancho Rj (Spain) – 6.5/8, SB 16.25
3. Helmut Reitz (Germany) – 6/8
4. Pierre-Emmanuel Haensler (France) – 4/4, SB 9.0
5. Ivan Gallo – 4/8, SB 8.0
6. Mariano DigitalIndustria Venanzi (Argentina) – 3/8, SB 8.0
7. Kadarrusman Muhammad – 3/7, SB 5.0
8. Mário Filiač (Slovakia) – 2/9
9. Isaias Ayala (Mexiko) – 1/4
10. Alonso Ándres Vásquez Mella (Chile) – 0/9

I believe I have the best chances to win this tournament as I still play two games and one point from these two games should be enough. And my remaining games should bring me that point – at least according the situation in them.

Here is one of my games:

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3 Responses to “ELO2000.com Chess Tournament No.1 – Report #1”

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  2. amarz says:

    Is there a reason why you didn’t play 17.Nxh4? In your tournament game against kadarrusman.

  3. admin says:

    amarz: Yes. And the reason is pretty simple – I did not see this move… :(
    Terrible, right?

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