I Played 21 Games in 2010

1413284133_132194163b_mA few days ago I checked my games from the last year and put them into my database. I founded some interesting facts about those games which I would like to share with you now.

As the title of this articles says, I played 21 games the last year. I mean serious and tournament games. My result was +9, =9, -3, performance 1780 (my average ELO was 1743).

I was clearly better with white pieces:  +6, =4, -1, performance 1828 (my average ELO was 1743), while my statistics for black pieces are: +3, =5, -2, performance 1743 (my average ELO was 1743). It surpsised me a bit as I was better with black pieces in previous years.

The number of games is not too high because I did not play any game in the second half of 2010.

This year I plan to play 4 tournaments at least and the first one – the competition of teams – will start next week. It should result in about 40 games per year at least.

Do you do this kind of stats for your games?

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