Questions About the Right Plan in One of My Games

Last week I played the following game in a team competition. I had white pieces and we played the French opening. After playing several moves we reached the following position (white to play).


Here my troubles started. Why? Simply because I was not able to find a good plan how to play further.

I had an idea abour pressing on e6 pawn and playing on the king’s side, but it was probably a wrong plan. I decided to take e5 square – we played 13.Ne5 Bxe5 14.Rxe5 Re8.

At this moment I was quite satisfied with my position and I looked for a good continuation.

I saw 15.Qg4 and I also saw 15…. Re7 as the only answer.

But what now?


I started to feel that my previous plan was not right as I did not see any moves to make my pressure stronger.

So I played 16.Rb1 and after 16…. Nf6 17.Qd1 h6 I blundered 18.b4 cxb3 19.Nxb3 and the game was over.

The question is – was my plan right or there was another and better plan in the position of first diagram? What do you think? What would you play in that position?


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