Questions About the Right Plan in One of My Games

Last week I played the following game in a team competition. I had white pieces and we played the French opening. After playing several moves we reached the following position (white to play).


Here my troubles started. Why? Simply because I was not able to find a good plan how to play further.

I had an idea abour pressing on e6 pawn and playing on the king’s side, but it was probably a wrong plan. I decided to take e5 square – we played 13.Ne5 Bxe5 14.Rxe5 Re8.

At this moment I was quite satisfied with my position and I looked for a good continuation.

I saw 15.Qg4 and I also saw 15…. Re7 as the only answer.

But what now?


I started to feel that my previous plan was not right as I did not see any moves to make my pressure stronger.

So I played 16.Rb1 and after 16…. Nf6 17.Qd1 h6 I blundered 18.b4 cxb3 19.Nxb3 and the game was over.

The question is – was my plan right or there was another and better plan in the position of first diagram? What do you think? What would you play in that position?

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  2. quite honestly after looking at the position for a couple of minutes,with the kings on opposite sides,h5,g5,g4,h4 coming
    ur way,the position seems already quite difficult for white.e6 is a weakness
    but pressing it,i dont think helps.if i was playing the white side i would have tried b4 hoping for either an open b file or if he plays Nc6 launching all out with a4.
    if he captures cb3 play Rb1 and gain the pawn back and more importantly the open B file
    ensures some counterplay.

  3. admin says:

    Since pressing e6 pawn is not a good way (as I found out during the game :)), I would also focus on the queen side and try to think out something there next time. Playing b4 and open b-file is a good solution, I think.

  4. mage3070 says:

    I like 13.b3

    If black doesn’t take the pawn, then his center is in bad shape.
    Whatever takes the pawn is pinned against the Queen by Rb1, and a fine attack
    ensues. It seems like a win-win to me.

  5. Bent Hansen says:

    I somtimes find it very jusefull to slow Down a bit, in possition where I belive ( think or a very sure ) I stand best, but fail to find a good move/plan. In the position you have set up, you can try to remove EVERY THING ( in your mind ) on the bord,except the kings and pawn´s. Now lets start with a simple thing to do…. Where is Black week spot, and where is White´s?! It obviously that Black have a week spot on e6 and White have b2 as a week spot. Now sins you cant break through, with the pawn´s only and you see that you cant move the bishop at c1, with out giving Black the opportunity to break your defence on the queenside, you have to put som pieces back on the bord in your mind. Now. Lets start with the Knight. As I have pointede out befor, it not good to move the bishop at c1 right now, looking at the position Rb1 looks wrong also, so when I have look at the position with ONLY the pawns and king on the bord, I can see that I have to get somthing on e6 to push forward or even sacrifice ( if possible or necessary ) 1 idea coms in my mind her: At first I have my eye on the knight. So a plan like: Nf1 – Ne3 – Ng4 was the first thing I was trying to Work out. Of couse I most NOT forget that Black also have a knight, and a bishop as well, so the plan is to slow. Then: Nf3 with the idea Ng5 was in my mind. But Black can play h6, and just say: Well com on :-) so while all my analyze was going on, slowly set back the pieces I remove in my mind, I slowly gain an understanding of the position. Ok. So what dit you miss ?!… Well your rook move is a bit slow, that allows Black to have a free tempo move, and also nice Development. Rb1?! Nf6!. What you shout have seen, in a analyse like the one I just described was: 16.Qf4 – … Now. Lets say that Black still play Nf6 so: 16.Qf4 – Nf6. The position is equel even and you can try out the analyze idea I give you her. In the floowing game ( from you game ) I found after my move: 16.Qf4 – Nf6.17.Nf3 – Rf8.18.Re2 – Nb3.19.Rb1 – e5.20.Qh4 – Nxc1.21.Rxb1 – e4.22.Bxd7+ – Kxd7.23.Ne5+ Kc7. = and you can try to analyse the move I find and try to analyze more move by the way I just told you Aboud. I wich you good luck and hop that you like to idea… Bent Hansen. Denmark

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