We Organize a Chess Tournament in Our City

Chess piecesI live in a small city which has about 6,000 citizens. The city has a chess playgroup, where a coach teaches about 5 children how to play chess. Sometimes they play a tournament in this group and that’s all when we can speak about chess activities in our city. My friend and me decided to change it a bit.

Our idea is to find whether there are other adult chess players in our neighbourhood and if there will be enough of them then we could create local chess team.

So we spoke to the coach and together with a director of the city children’s house a chess tournament will be organized next Saturday.

We do not expect to mach players, even the number of attendees is limited up to 12 (because of available chess material and chess clocks), but we are looking forward to this event. The tournament is not official and we do not expect any strong players with titles. But on the other side, I hope that some occasional chess players will find a way to the tournament hall and join us to have some fun over the chessboards.

I will post here a short report from this tournament next weekend.

BTW: If you live in similarly small city – do you have a regular chess tournament there? Or do you know how many chess players do you have among your neighbours?

Photo by slayerphoto.

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2 Responses to “We Organize a Chess Tournament in Our City”

  1. Nikhil kumar says:

    what can I do for playing chess in world championship

  2. admin says:

    Nikhil kumar: In short – you have to qualify for it.
    You question sounds like you are a newbie in chess, so I would recommend you to go to your local chess
    club at first and to attend regular chess tournaments there. Then you can go to your country championship and progress further. At that stage you will see what ways you have for playing the world championship.

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