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ChessCube vs. vs. ICC vs. FICS – What’s the best?

ChessCube is an online chess community with over 1,400,000 registered members as of March 2011.  They do not feature an online chess forum (Update: I stand corrected, they do have a chess forum, don’t know why I’ve never seen it.) as their focus is primarily on tournaments and general play.  Their interface is exceptionally [...]

Weekend Tactic #55

White to move. There is a combination in the air. Do you see it?

Why Are Some Kids So Talented At Chess?

Why are some kids so good at chess? How do some chess prodigies that are barely 8,7 or even 6 years old manage to play chess at a master level with little formal chess coaching? How have they managed to accelerate their intellectual development in this specific field at such an exceptional rate?  How can [...]

Weekend Chess Tactic #54

White to move. What would be your plan in this position?

Why The Hell Should We Cheat in Chess?

There is some story about cheating in chess from time to time. The last example is young FM Christoph Natsidis from Germany, who was caught cheating in the last round of German championship. You can read more about the whole case on Chessvibes “Player caught cheating at German Championship“. I do not really understand this [...]

How I was crushed to death with one pawn up

As you may remember, I attend in the tournament organized by our chess club. I reached 3.5 points in my first 5 games. It is a result which I am quite satisfied with as all my opponents were stronger than me. This week I played against another stronger opponent. The guy is a son of [...]

Weekend Tactic #53

Black to move. White’s threats seem to be very strong. Do you see any salvation for black?

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