Summary of First Half of 2011

chess_20091130The first six months of this year are over and it could be the right time to make a short summary of my chess results. So, let’s go!

I played in two events – chess team competition (January – March) and spring club tournament (April – June). The number of games I played was 24.

My result was +9, =4, -11 with performance 1719 (my average ELO was 1760).

I was better with white pieces (+5, =3, -4, performance 1785) than with black ones (+4, =1, -7, performance 1696).

This year I play a bit more aggressively than last year (see the amount of draws in my stats for 2010) and it resulted in some lost games. I consider them as a tax to learn more and score more points in the future. Especially in the team competition I over-risked some games, because we wanted and needed to score as much points as possible (you know, it is a dark side of being the captain as you always have to show fighting spirit to the rest of your team :)).

I shared some my games with you already and I want to show you one won game also this time. I am proud of my 19th move :) You can find the game under the article.

BTW: What are your stats for the first half of 2011?

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