Draw Offer to be Removed from the Rules of Chess?

Chess at the seaA few days ago I firstly heard about FIDE Commission for Modernisation.

“Huh, what it is?”, I though at the very first moment.

It is logical to have such commission when we want more chess on TV and other “old” media like radio, newspapers etc. But what the guys from the commission do there? I read the press release with high interest and I was quite fascinated by numbers of ideas, but one really wrong stayed in my mind and I had to thought about it.

My attention was caught by Commission’s conclusion about draws: “The Commission wanted to make it clear that a draw is an integral part of the game of chess and was not looking at radical solutions. The key issue was to ensure that chess games would not end prematurely and hence the recommendation was for the draw offer to be removed from the rules of chess, allowing only instances of draws to occur following repetition of position, perpetual check, stalemate or inadequate mating material..


The draw is one of three possible ending of the game! One can win the game, lose the game or draw the game. And it should have to still be also up to players whether they want to agree with draw.

Why the hell they should play if they do not want to fight further?

What if any of players does not like his position and half of point is enough for him?

Why one can’t offer a draw when he has advantage on the board but he is in the time pressure at the same moment?

And there is many LEGAL reasons to draw a game!

Their conclusion is really defective!

Or do those “commissioners” really want to see extensively played pre-agreed games like was the famous Hübner’s one (played somewhere in 70’s)?

What do you think about draws and possible forbidding their offers?

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