New Design & What Happened in the Last Weeks

chessIf you are a regular visitor of this chess blog you can see that there is a new design here! Finally ;) I wanted to change it for some months, because the old one has its limitation (you may remember bad formatting of written text in comments for example). You should be able to see more content now also. As you can see, featured video has been added into the right column.

I also changed the email newsletter service (sing up in the right column, please!). Now the blog uses Mailchimp, which is much better than the earlier used WordPress plugin. I hope the subscribers will be satisfied with this change as well.

But back to chess now.

During summer I played two tournaments. The first one was “serious” one – Niki Open in Nachod, Czech Republic. I reached 3,5 points from 9 games (+2, =3, -4). I was quite satisfied with initial parts of most of my games. I was able to get good positions where I was closer to the whole point than to the draw. But when I had to realize my advantage I was able to ruin my games very “successfully” :( I would like to share so games with you here because I think that you can learn from it as well.

A few days after this tournament I played in rapid tournament. I finished with 50% of points (4,5/9), but the level of my play was terrible. I made blunders which I had not done a few years… Nothing to be proud of… But even those results have something to learn from. And in this case it is the “rule” that one should play chess when he is not tired. I was in a real “sleep debt” and it has high impact on my game in that tournament.

Since that time I have relaxed from chess, except a few blitz games or tactical exercises. Approximately two weeks ago I started my preparation for new season, which starts with a club tournament with an average rating 1803 (mine is 1746). As a part of the training process I played one team rapid tournament, but I am going to write about it later. BTW: If you are following me on Twitter, you know the result of our team ;)

P.S. If you find something weird on the page, which could be caused by the change of the design, please, let me know in comments below. Thank you!

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