My Chess Year 2011 in Numbers

2011Whoa, it was more than two months when I posted my last article here on the blog… I really feel terrible for it. I know, my friends, you waited for some new and fresh content here and nothing has come…

I am pretty sure I will not save your disappointment by this post. But as we have the end of 2011, it is a chance to made some summary of the year. Chess summary.

In 2011 I played 46 tournament games. I won 17 games, lost 20 games and 9 games were drawn. Although I lost more game than I won, my January rating will be 9 points higher than a year ago!

I played one team competition (January – March) and as you may remember we finished on the 2nd place and it meant promotion to the higher league.

During spring I played a club tournament, then I played an open tournament in Nachod, Czech Republic and autumn was about club tournament again.

At the beginning of the year I decided to play more aggressive chess – I wanted to play further in the positions where I would agree with a draw in 2010 and earlier years. You can see the result on the amount of draws – only 9 from 46 games is something what is unique in my chess carrier. Although I lost some game, I also won some games and from the learning perspective it was very useful to apply this “new rule” for me.

One thing was really bad for me. As you know I prepared quite good training schedule for me, but I was absolutely lazy to keep on the track… So my chess training sucked this year. And it is definitely the biggest area for improvement in 2012.

But it is the topic of another post ;)

What is your summary of 2011 from chess perspective? Please, share it in the comments below!

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