My Chess Plans for 2012

2012In my last article “My Chess Year 2011 in Numbers” I summarize my life over the chess board in the last year. And at the end of the post I promised to write something about my chess plans for 2012 year. OK, here it is!

Our team play team league from January till March again. And I will inform you about our matches in similar manner as last year. It will not be an easy season, because I have to realistically say we will fight hard for staying in the league.

I will also attend Open Praha chess tournament in January – it will be played for 9 rounds and after this tournament I should have FIDE ELO finally. Until now I have only our national ELO (which is pretty comparable with FIDE ELO, btw).

After the team competition I would like to play a spring club tournament. Summer will probably be about some break from chess, except one rapid tournament. And maybe another open tournament in late August. Autumn? Club tournament.

All these tournaments should result in approximately 45 tournament games at least.

This is for regular playing in tournaments. But tournaments are not enough, aren’t they? Of course, my Achilles heel is training.

I have already started to use my iPhone for chess training? How? I download good chess videos from Youtube and then I upload them to my iPhone and watching them during my almost daily rides in train. Very well used time!

I will stick to the Training Schedule, which I described earlier here. My feeling is that should work and discussions with my chess friends confirm it. The only problem is to avoid laziness! The training sessions will have a fixed place in my daily/weekly schedule, so I will not skip them easily.

I will probably stop playing chess on Facebook as it gives me almost nothing – because of the quality of players there. I will stay focused on playing on and SchemingMind. I do not have account on Playchess, if you miss this server in my list ;)

And… the probably biggest task for the upcoming year. I want to learn my daughter to love and enjoy chess. Please, keep your fingers crossed!

What are you chess plans for 2012?

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  1. Your practise is well covered.45 official games a year is almost an average of one per week which is, for a chess amateur a decent average.

    I hope your training goes well. Not being interupted by unforseen happenings in your life. Thumbs up to a new rating jump forward.

    My chess goals you find at

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