Open Praha 2012 – 4th Round

Open PrahaI am a little bit behind the schedule of the tournament with my posts. The delay is caused by double round played yesterday. But I will catch the schedule quickly ;)

In the round #4 I played against a young guy who likes to open games with the move 1.e4. So we played the Sicilian Defence again. I knew he plays 1.e4 c5 2.f4 and I was prepared for it.

It happens somehow that White was delayed with development and I think that in 11th move I had a better position already.

The main battle was abouthe the d4 square and the knight there. My pressure on the diagonal g1-a7 and on the d-file (plus threats like Ne4 and Nf2+) were so strong, that I was able to get two pawns up. The rest was quite easy although I was very careful regarding overlooking some tactical trap. Luckily, there were no tactics in the position and my opponent resigned.

I have to admin I really like my play in this game. It was very active and I created pressure on White. It is definitely one of my best games!

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