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2nd International Chess Festival “Riga Technical University open”

GM Alexei Shirov sent me an invitation to the second edition of RTU Open. The first edition gathered 138 participants. The second will be bigger and stronger! Tournament A – Grandmaster tournament. August 6-12. ELO Tournament, 9 rounds, Swiss system with time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move.The tournament should have GM, [...]

Xtreme Chess Championship [video]

Have you had chance to watch any of episodes of Xtreme Chess Championship? It is a great series of chess videos prepared by Jennifer Shahade and her team. The series is dedicated to young chess talents from the U.S. These young people play short chess matches in active chess and the games are commented by [...]

Would You Have a Courage?

To sacrifice white’s knight on g7 in this position? Of course, white to move.

Chess TV Episode #370 [video]

Did you miss anything here on Monday? Right – new episode of Chess TV was not here. It is time to fix it ;) So, say hello to the episode No. 370! What does it bring to chess fans? News from the chess world. Chess history lecture, something about Machiavelli and chess. Chess puzzle, of [...]

How To Make Money on Chess When You Are an Average Club Player?

Making money on something that one loves is a great way of living. In our case the love could be chess. But most of us are not chess professionals (and we will not be them for some time at least), so we have to look after another ways how to make money on chess. I [...]

Mate in 3

White to move. Would you find the mate in 3 moves?

Weekend Ending

Do you like bishop vs. knight endings? What is your opinion on the outcome of this ending? White to move.

Great Upcoming Chess Books

My friend Leonid from chess publishing house Mongoose Press sent me information about their three upcoming chess books. They will be released in April/May and we have a chance to look at Winning Pawn Play in the Indian Defenses, Chess is Child’s Play and Chess Camp, Volumes 6 and 7 books a bit closer now.

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