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What Opponent’s Behaviour During The Game Makes You Angry?

Maybe you know it. Usually your opponent is a good guy/girl and his/her behaviour is absolutely great. But sometimes you meet a player whose manners are… a bit odd. I asked my Twitter followers a question “What opponent’s behaviour during the game makes you angry?” and I have got some interesting answer. Not introducing themselves. [...]

Chess Tactic #75

White to move.

Easy Trap in Deferred Steinitz Variantion in Ruy Lopez

Recently I played a tournament in rapid chess and I met one interesting trap in Ruy Lopez which I would like to share with you. I was white and my opponent was a young girl from Russia. I played Ruy Lopez and the deferred Steinitz variation appeared on our board. After moves 1. e4 e5 [...]

Chess Tactic #74

Black to move.

Chess Tactic #73

White to move.

Chess Tactic #72

Black to move.

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