What Opponent’s Behaviour During The Game Makes You Angry?

Angry Kid Playing ChessMaybe you know it. Usually your opponent is a good guy/girl and his/her behaviour is absolutely great. But sometimes you meet a player whose manners are… a bit odd.

I asked my Twitter followers a question “What opponent’s behaviour during the game makes you angry?” and I have got some interesting answer.

Not introducing themselves. I know it from my own experience and it is typical mainly for young players. And particulary from Russia. Please, do not take me wrong – it is not a rule for all the Russian players! But the precentage of “no named” players is quite high among them.

Not shaking hands before the game. This is quite strange and… also rude. Chess is the game of gentlemen and all chess players are supposed to shake hands before and after the game. It is unbreakable rule for me.

Whistling. There is almost nothing to add to this behaviour… It is deliberating distrubance not only one player (= you) but also the others who play games on the board next by your one.

Help of parents. It is typical for very ambitious young players and their parents who also play chess. The usual case is when a parent stays behind you and he/she gives small advice by inconspicuous gestures or moves.

These cases are from Twitter, as I said above. I add another one now – from my own experience.

Rejecting a reconstruction of the game after time control. This case happened to me this spring. I have never heard of it before. I played a game where both sides were in huge time pressure. I was sure I made 40 moves in time and when my flag (as the first one) fell I wanted to start a reconstruction of our last moves. But my opponent started to claim I have not made 40 moves in time and offered me a draw as a fair result (why, when he told me I was out of time?). He did almost everything possible to avoid the reconstruction. I was pretty shocked as it was my first experience with this… I was able to reconstruct the game without him and he had to agree with my move orders. He had to admit I made more than 40 moves and our game continued…

Yes, psychology is important part of chess. But these cases are not about psychology. They are about bad understanding the terms “fair play”, “good manners” and maybe also “psychology”…

You have probably seen it when you play chess tournaments for some time. And as you are my readers and my readers are nice guys, these cases of behaviour can always surprise you. In the negative way.

I wish you were not meet these situations anymore.

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