How Was My Chess Year 2012?

How was my chess year 2012Another year is almost over. The most people summarize the ending year and it will also be my case in this post. And I would like to look at 2012 from a view of being a chess player.

So, how was 2012 for me?

At the beginning of the year I played Open Praha tournament. I did quite well there – my perfromance was 1941 ELO points, which was almost 200 points higher than my rating at that time. It was very successful tournament in my eyes!

After this tournament there was a team competition on the program. My team, where I am a captain, played its first season in higher league and we were able to stay in the league without any problems although we were sentenced to be relegated according to our team average rating. But rating is not everything, sometimes hearts are even more important! I am happy I was a captain of such great team!

In April – June I played another open tournament, but it was not good for me. I stayed on 50%, but the quality of the game was terrible… I have to admit, I was happy when the tournament finished and I had a vision of  having a rest.

July is usually a month of a rapid tournament for me. The tournament is European Championship of Amateurs in Rapid Chess, which is hold in Pardubice, Czech Republic. It was a tournament of two halves for me. I had 0.5 points after 4 roudns and I was quite depressed… But then… I was able to get 4 points in the next 5 rounds and it meant 41st place for me. What was much more satysfying for me was the quality of my games in the second half  of the championship.

In autumn I usually attend the club tournament. I finished on the 3rd place among 13 players, which is a success for me! I had quite decent start, than two lost games in the middle of the tournament, but my finish was crushing – 3.5 points in the last 4 rounds!

Overall, I played 43 games in 2012 (not counting rapid games in this number) with this score: +16, =19, -8.

My current ELO rating is 1837 and I do not want to stop going higher! ;)

So it was my 2012 year in short.

How was yours? Are you satisfied with this year?


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