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Max Lange Gambit

I have shown you the opening move for my “Hansen” gambit and now I would like to use a litte time on other possible move, which is good to know if you at some point like to try out this line. The most interesting line I think, and at some point very important to know, [...]

Thank God It’s Friday Chess Tactic #85

This is a position from the game of Alexander Alekhine. He had white pieces and now he decided the game by nice tactic. Will you see it? White to move. Please, write your ideas to the comments section below this post!

Chess endings: Rook Versus Pawns

Last week I posted an article about chess endings rook versus a pawn. In this post we are going to focus on endings where the weaker side has more than one pawn – usually two or three. There is a general rule for this type of ending… The rule is there is no rule and [...]

Mate in 2

Will you find mate in 2 moves? White to move. Please, write you solution in the comments section below the article!

Queen’s Gambit Accepted For Beginners

This article is from my friend Bent Hansen who focused on the line in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted where many beginners make mistakes. Let’s go to learn how to avoid those mistakes! I noted that a lot of you try to fight for a pawn in the line Queens gambit accepted: 1.d4 ┬ád5 2.c4 dxc4 [...]

Thank God It’s Friday Chess Tactic #84

How good are your calculation skills? Do you cinsider yourself as a tactival player? If yes (and also in the case you think you are more positional type of player), you should try to solve this puzzle. White to move and win! Please, write your solutions in the comments section!

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