Thank God It’s Friday Chess Tactic #85

This is a position from the game of Alexander Alekhine. He had white pieces and now he decided the game by nice tactic. Will you see it?

White to move.

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Chess Tactic

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6 Responses to “Thank God It’s Friday Chess Tactic #85”

  1. Why not enter the position FEN? Please!


  2. petrs says:

    Giulia: You are the first one who asks for it, so I will think about it now.
    May I ask why do you want the position in FEN? Just because to import it to your chess program and solve it there? Is it better for you than to try to calculate everything only based on a diagram?

  3. No, petrs, here in Italy we say: “We must not make the process intentions”, and so do not judge me for things I do not want to do!
    To me it is just for convenience, because it is much easier to study the location of the computer that is not on the board (especially for variants), and instead of manually re-create the position, that’s the FEN string is much more comfortable (I in studies that audience on twitter plug it always).
    However, if you decide not to put it, I’ll follow the same (studying the old fashioned way).

    Ciao! :)

    P.s. Sorry for my bad English (I hope to be able to understand me!)

  4. petrs says:

    Giulia: Thank you for your feedback! I did not want to judge in any way – I just asked for information. I am sorry if you felt I want to judge you.
    I see your point why you want the positions also in the FEN format. So I will try to put the FEN notation to my next diagrams as well. I hope I will be able to beat the old habbit when I did not publish the FEN notation :)

  5. Nxf7 wins immediately

  6. Neilre Hattingh says:

    I thought of 1.Nf7 if. 1…Rf7 2.Qf5 intending g5 if black reply with h6 he will weaken his position and if 2…Qc5 3.Qe6 hope iam right

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