Chess Tactic #86 – Magnus Carlsen in the main role

This chess tactic is from one of games of the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. His play has many admirers and even if one is Vishy Anand’s fan (Vishy was the previous world champion – he lost his title in the match against Carlsen) then he must admit that the level of Carlsen’s play is somewhere else.

Let’s look at diagram from one of Carlsen’s games.

White to move and win. Do you find the way?

Chess Tactic by Magnus Carlsen

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2 Responses to “Chess Tactic #86 – Magnus Carlsen in the main role”

  1. M loly says:

    Ive always liked Topalov, I wonder what the result of that match will be.

  2. Carlsen play more like Kasparov vs Fischer. He will still progress, and brake 2900 elo.

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